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Baby calming and sleep wisdom – part I

Posted in Uncategorized by allegrator on January 26, 2009
  • It might take more than a minute for any particular trick to work.  Just because she’s screaming in your ear during the first minute of a shh-pat dance doesn’t mean it will last.  Don’t give up too quickly.
  • That said, if something really isn’t working, try something new.  Lately I’ve discovered that bouncing on the exercise ball, shhh-ing in her ear, AND patting her on the back can do wonders.  Eliminate even one of those factors and it’s breakdown time.
  • Institute a lovey.  This pale green square of fuzzy fabric with some weird animal head has become her favorite little item.  We keep it with her all of the time so that now it smells like milk and mom and her own spit.  She loves shoving it into her face and mouth.  This helps, because when I try to put her down in the “drowsy but awake” stage she can calm herself…some of the time…with her lovey.
  • Don’t give up on the swaddle too quickly.  While we are working on keeping at least one arm out, sometimes the only thing that will help to calm our little one is being wrapped up like a sausage.
  • What we're aiming for

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