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I have a new idea

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It involves this:

It could be awesome

It could be awesome

Thanks, B.


You, too, can become a Fan

Posted in etsy by allegrator on March 31, 2009

I’m kind of going crazy with little promotional tricks.  I added a link to my shop on my google profile and also to my mail signature…and just last night made a Facebook business page that I’m hoping all kinds of rad people become a fan of.  Just click on the image below!

AwesomeAsAOne Fan Page

AwesomeAsAOne Fan Page

More new stuff

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You know you want a sweet little pouch.  Check these and others out at

Weird Reality Check

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It suddenly hit me today that I’ll never go through the “first kid” stuff again.  Won’t have to figure out how to go on an errand with a new baby….that kind of stuff.  I will someday, hopefully, have to figure all of that stuff out with TWO kids – a new ballgame, I’m sure.  But still…everything with the first one is so new and unknown.

New stuff in shop

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Over the past few days I have posted a few new items in my etsy shop. for more.

Mortar and Pestle

Posted in Cooking, Parenting by allegrator on March 27, 2009

I always thought it would be so great to have a mortar and pestle.  I think it goes back to junior high school – my friend, Karen, and I probably have some long standing joke about pestles.

So we registered for one for our wedding – a nice wooden one from Crate and Barrel that is no longer on their website.

And we got it!

Now, WANTING something and actually HAVING and USING that item are two different things.  In the two years that BusStopBoy and I have been married, I’ve used it only 1 or 2 times.  That is, however, until just a few weeks ago when Miss Sunshine started eating solid foods.  Since then, the mortar and pestle has become my best friend.  In what capacity? As a Baby Food Maker.  So far it’s worked wonders with avocado and banana.  I can imagine it doing the same with any soft or cooked food.

Mortar + Pestle + banana = baby food

Mortar + Pestle + banana = baby food

Cloth Diaper Adventures – Little Fancy Pants

Posted in Uncategorized by allegrator on March 24, 2009

A few days ago my new Little Fancy Pants diaper arrived.  Leah was kind enough to give me a testers discount even though she already had enough testers.

This diaper is currently one of my favorites. It’s fit is trim and we are on some of the smallest-size snaps — so there is room to grow.  The fabric is soft and super comfy.  It did leave some red marks around her thighs, but I don’t know if that’s avoidable when any kind of elastic is used.  I don’t think it was anything more than just some pressure marks, but I’ll keep my eye on it as we continue to use it more.  As far as absorbency goes, it fits the bill.  Even when wet the fabric soaker feels “dry”.  I have been using covers with it because we’re still wearing pants in the cool weather.  As it warms up, though, I can easily imagine letting Sunny run around in this without any cover at all.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s INSANELY cute.

Check out her shop here:

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My new shop is up and running. I only have one little item in there, but over the next few days I plan to stock more fun stuff.  In the meantime, take a look at my first little pouch: Pink Pony

Pink Pony

Pink Pony

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Crying it out

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Sunny was starting to have some issues STAYING asleep for naps and at night — I would nurse her down, but when it came to the dreaded crib transfer, more often that not she would wake a bit and start to cry, which invariably evolved into healthy sobs and screams.    Nothing would calm her down, not even holding her, except for putting her back on the boob.

I also sensed that her cries were becoming more deliberate – that she had picked up on the cause/effect cycle of her squawking and me coming to pick her up and eventually nurse her.

SO…a couple friends of mine, both of whom I highly respect as parents, had been through the same thing.  They had both successfully put their babes through “baby boot camp” and one of them recommended the following book:

This book helped.

This book helped.

Night one:  Took Sunny 38 minutes to fall asleep on her own.

Night two:  30 minutes

Night three:  4 minutes

Night four, tonight: 30 seconds

We. Are. Psyched.  And I think Sunny is, too.  She knows the routine, knows how to peacefully go to sleep.  She sleeps all night and is happy in the morning.

Where I’ve been

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It is hard starting a blog.  In fact, it is hard starting anything new — once the excitement and novelty wears off one really has to ask themselves WHY they started the project in the first place and if it’s really someting they’d like to continue.

My answer to all of that is “yes, I’d like to keep this blog going.”


1. If I focus on Sunny then my family and friends can stay up to date on how she’s doin’.

2.  If I include updates abouts my etsy shop – – then it can serve as a vehicle to keep people checking out the shop.  Which isn’t up yet, by the way.

3.  I can talk about my adventures in cloth diapering, which might help others who are thinking about trying it out!