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Crying it out

Posted in Uncategorized by allegrator on March 12, 2009

Sunny was starting to have some issues STAYING asleep for naps and at night — I would nurse her down, but when it came to the dreaded crib transfer, more often that not she would wake a bit and start to cry, which invariably evolved into healthy sobs and screams.    Nothing would calm her down, not even holding her, except for putting her back on the boob.

I also sensed that her cries were becoming more deliberate – that she had picked up on the cause/effect cycle of her squawking and me coming to pick her up and eventually nurse her.

SO…a couple friends of mine, both of whom I highly respect as parents, had been through the same thing.  They had both successfully put their babes through “baby boot camp” and one of them recommended the following book:

This book helped.

This book helped.

Night one:  Took Sunny 38 minutes to fall asleep on her own.

Night two:  30 minutes

Night three:  4 minutes

Night four, tonight: 30 seconds

We. Are. Psyched.  And I think Sunny is, too.  She knows the routine, knows how to peacefully go to sleep.  She sleeps all night and is happy in the morning.


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