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Mortar and Pestle

Posted in Cooking, Parenting by allegrator on March 27, 2009

I always thought it would be so great to have a mortar and pestle.  I think it goes back to junior high school – my friend, Karen, and I probably have some long standing joke about pestles.

So we registered for one for our wedding – a nice wooden one from Crate and Barrel that is no longer on their website.

And we got it!

Now, WANTING something and actually HAVING and USING that item are two different things.  In the two years that BusStopBoy and I have been married, I’ve used it only 1 or 2 times.  That is, however, until just a few weeks ago when Miss Sunshine started eating solid foods.  Since then, the mortar and pestle has become my best friend.  In what capacity? As a Baby Food Maker.  So far it’s worked wonders with avocado and banana.  I can imagine it doing the same with any soft or cooked food.

Mortar + Pestle + banana = baby food

Mortar + Pestle + banana = baby food


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