Awesome As A One

A couple of Sunday thoughts for my dear readers

Posted in Uncategorized by allegrator on April 5, 2009

1. I got a bit of a sunburn today on my cheeks and lips. This a good thing.  Know why?  Because it means it was warm and sunny enough to sit outside long enough to get a bit of color. We sat outside for a long time, actually.  I love this.

2. Weekends are a good time to relax.  I got so caught up during the week with the shop and statistics and sales and whats-its that it was nice to just stop a bit and not do much of anything.

3.  We had tacos today as a late lunch with visiting family. In this house, and as it was when I was growing up, when we make tacos we fry up our own shells out of corn or flour tortillas.  Tonight I took two of those shells that were left over, piled ’em with leftover ground beef and cheese, and toasted them in the oven.  Then I smeared it all with guacamole, sprinkled on a bit of salt, and enjoyed an awesome more-than-a-taco snack.  Di-Vine.


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