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Spring Cleaning Day 2 & 3 – Living Room

Posted in Spring Cleaning by allegrator on May 6, 2009

My issue with the living room isn’t so much the cleaning part. I try to wipe things down every week or so and keep the smaller things picked up.  It’s tough because we don’t spend a ton of time in our living room, but we do look at it every day so it’s nice to have it pulled together.

The bigger issue is that it has recently become a repository for larger items.  Our stroller is in there.  So is a huge baby swing that we’ve never used and a jumperoo that Miss Sunshine just isn’t interested in any more.  An entire corner is taken over by my crafting stuff, too, which I kind of can’t help right now.    The photo of that came out too blurry to share. Bummer.

The mantle…oh the mantle. I love the art, love each item ON the mantle — but something’s missing, right???  Same with that alcove to the left of the fireplace.  It needs some COLOR!  The whole room, I feel, needs a shot of life.

Baby stuff we keep in little baskets, one next to the couch and the other down by the floor where the baby hangs out to play.  I need to dust under there for SURE.  All of our books and electronics are down in the basement;  moved there when my husband updated these two rooms and now in total storage limbo.

Mantle and Fireplace


Jumperoo.  Bane of my existence right now.

Toy basket #1

Toy basket #2


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