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Posted in Awesome Item of the Day, etsy, Inspiration by allegrator on May 14, 2009

I learned a new art related term today: Scandinavian Design.  From the Scandinavian Design Center:

Since the 1930s Scandinavian design has been guided by a humanizing approach to Modernism distinguished by functional practicality and the sophisticated simplification of form. Traditionally, Scandinavian designers have sought to enhance the quality of life through the development of appropriate and affordable product solutions – designs that are inclusive rather than exclusive.

The idea of design as a means of improving everyday life has also meant that many Scandinavian designers have focused on products for the home – from furniture and textiles to cutlery and ceramics. Their all-encompassing quest for “ideal forms” has led them to find inspiration not only from vernacular precedents that have been honed over many generations, but also from the wonderful variety of shapes found in the natural world – for example, the patterns of frozen ice, the curving shores of a lake, the texture of tree bark.

This fascination with finding definitive forms has meant that Scandinavian designers often refine their work over long periods of time in order to create the best possible solution. This careful and thoughtful approach is central to the remarkable longevity of certain Scandinavian products.

I think I want to now be a Scandinavian designer.  Is that even a term — “Scandinavian designer”?  Anyway – I do.  Especially if it means that I’ll learn more about how to produce such beautiful, simple and functional items like these clips from modern bean.  The colors of the felt and the patterns are so simple and so bright, inspired by this Scandinavian Design approach.  It’s obvious, too, how much care and detail are put into every little stitch.  I love them.

Modern Bean Hair Clip - Tree Branch - Cherry Blossom

Modern Bean Hair Clip - Tree Branch - Cherry Blossom

Obviously I’m totally in to little girl hair accessories these days.  As noted before, Miss Sunshine doesn’t have much hair yet, but it’s fun to dream.

MIss Sunshine = not much hair yet.

Miss Sunshine = not much hair yet.


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