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Posted in Awesome Item of the Day, etsy by allegrator on June 4, 2009

I was psyched to discover this sweet little shop last night.  Usually I am a bit wary when I’m looking at too many different kinds of things in one place — there’s just something about seeing hats, pendants, and paintings all in the same shop that give me pause as a buyer.  Not that the seller isn’t great at all three of those things;  I just think it’s difficult to pull together a unifying theme amongst such different creative mediums.

No so with Devon‘s shop, Stella + Hodge.  For the first time I found myself thinking, “wow.  That stationery and those pieces of jewelry really look like they BELONG together.”  It’s very clear that Devon knows who she is as a designer — her vision really comes through in both her paper goods and her beaded items.  Everything is unified, bright, clean – I really love it.

Given that my creative energies are focused on sewing these days, I just had to pick these sewing-themed cards as today’s Awesome Item.  I love the colors and the simplicity of each design. The make me want to write little notes and mail them off to all of my friends.

Folded Sewing Notecards

Folded Sewing Notecards


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  1. Devon said, on June 4, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Wow, what a nice thing to wake up to this morning. I’m thrilled to be included in such a great group of artists you have featured. Thanks so much. Your blog is wonderful!!

  2. […] cool thing about Jane’s shop is that it, too, captures a unified theme and vision while having many different kinds of items – jewelry, […]

  3. […] on June 9, 2009 What a beautiful Treasury to be a part of – Keep It Together by the awesome Stella & […]

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