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Posted in Awesome Item of the Day, etsy by allegrator on June 10, 2009

I think it’s really important to occassionaly try and send out notes to your friends, on real paper, for no reason more specific than just to say hi and that you’re thinking about them.  I’m not saying that I’m GOOD at sticking to this, but every so often I like to pull out a pretty card, write a letter — even if it’s just a few words long – and pop it in the mail.  In this age of electronic communication, I know how nice it is to get a sweet piece of snail mail.

These amazing silhouette notecards from Meagan at Brown Pigeon would be the perfect vehicle for some positive, hand-written vibes.  The gorgeous shape of the hand-cut flat card can be seen through the bright persimmon velum envelope — it’s something different and unique and just so pretty.  I mean, can you imagine finding this in your mailbox??  Total happiness.

Silhouette Card with Velum Envelope

Silhouette Card with Velum Envelope

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  1. […] feelings with the ones we wish we could see more often.  Pick up a few of these and some of those beautiful silhouette cards and start taking advantage of the pleasure and joy of snail […]

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